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Laser liposuction Melbourne: The facts

Have you heard of laser liposuction Melbourne as an alternative to surgical liposuction? This procedure has been performed all over the world as an effective non-invasive kind of liposuction, and it is getting more and more accepted as a go-to partner of fitness buffs and beauty-conscious patients to reshape and enhance their body figure. But what is laser liposuction exactly and how does it work? We have noted some of the key details you need to know if you are considering this non-surgical fat-eliminating procedure in Melbourne.

What is it?liposuction-laser-melbourne

Laser liposuction is a non-invasive kind of fat elimination procedure that uses heat energy emitted through laser technology in order to damage or even kill unwanted fat cells in the body. Laser liposuction Melbourne was first indicated for smaller areas like the arms and safe parts of the neck, but now that modern advancements saw ways to improve its efficacy, laser liposuction can also target those unwanted fatty cells of the abdomen, back, and things.

How does laser liposuction Melbourne work?

Laser technology emitting light and heat energy targets stubborn and unwanted fat cells on a specific body part, melting and damaging it to be expelled from the body. Different laser wavelengths help in softening the fat cells, making it easier to be eliminated.

Are there different kinds of laser liposuction in Melbourne?

Yes. There are some clinics offering either using heat or cold laser technology in eliminating body fat. There are some who uses the laser liposuction on its own, while some use a tumescent solution before the laser liposuction in order to effectively prepare and soften the fat for easy removal.

Laser liposuction Melbourne also has two types of procedures that are followed depending on the patient’s need and the expertise of the doctor. An external laser liposuction uses a pen-like or a pad device that is placed on the skin to emit the laser for fat removal. There is also a so-called internal laser liposuction where a probe or a suction device inserted into the target body area has an attached fiber-optic laser that helps in removing the fat.

Is laser liposuction Melbourne safe?

Yes, and more! Because laser liposuction in Melbourne is a non- to minimally-invasive alternative to the traditional liposuction, not only is it safe, but there are also many added benefits to it. You can expect a shorter recovery period since no incisions or major stitches have been made to your body. Less pain and discomfort, as well as lower risks of infection, may also be expected since no wounds will be left after the procedure.


In the end, the decision to undergo laser liposuction Melbourne will always be up to you and your surgeon’s discussion. You should be fully aware of all information about laser liposuction and other means to effectively and safely eliminate fat, whether it is through surgical or non –surgical means. You should always be reminded as well that partnering liposuction procedures with a healthy lifestyle and a proper diet will make the effects last longer and the results more satisfying.

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