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If you are thinking about getting liposuction, you definitely would have read and heard about liposuction offered in Thailand. Different medical tourism websites are almost flooding the internet with ads to attract people and have them avail of the cheap liposuction cost Thailand offers. But is it worth it?


Liposuction cost Thailand

With the rise of medical tourism, many of the medical establishments in other countries including Thailand have been offering a good number of cosmetic surgery procedures to their international patients, and one of these procedures is liposuction. As liposuction is considered the most wanted cosmetic surgery all over the world, hospitals and clinics find ways to get the attention of patients to avail themselves of the liposuction cost Thailand offers. Here are some of the well-known medical establishments in Thailand that offer liposuction with their corresponding estimated cost.



LocationLiposuction Starting Price

Samitivej Hospital



Nirunda International Aesthetic Clinic 



KTOP Clinic



Yanhee Hospital



Sikarin Hospital



Bangkok Hospital Samui

Koh Samui$2588
Phuket Plastic Surgery InstitutePhuket



Note that these prices are rough cost estimates only and are provided as reference information just to help you plan out and budget your medical allowance. It is still best to get accurate information from the plastic surgeon himself or the establishment with which you would want your procedure to take place.



Liposuction cost Thailand: The package inclusions

Different liposuction costs in Thailand are available to all patients with corresponding package inclusions. Some include a 2 to 3-day hospital stay and hotel accommodation depending on the extent of your cosmetic procedure. It also depends on the type of liposuction procedure you would want to avail. Thai hospitals claim to deliver amazing results using vaser, tumescent, Smart Lipo (or laser lipolysis), or cryolipolysis. These types of fat removal procedures can have different price packages so one should be informed about what liposuction type they should get.


Liposuction cost Thailand: The considerations

If you have already decided that you would really want to undergo liposuction in Thailand, or if you are still having second thoughts in doing so, here are some points that you may want to think about with regard to medical tourism.

The location. Like other countries that offer medical tourism procedures, there will always be a good and bad medical practice in Thailand. Be smart in choosing the best hospital or clinic where you would want to undergo your procedure.

The surgeon. Of course, choosing the best surgeon to perform your liposuction procedure is already a given, right? However, some patients would prioritise getting the cheapest than the best. Do not sacrifice your safety just to save money. Get the services of well-known plastic surgeons in the country so you can ensure that you are in good hands.

The language. Miscommunication is quite a common problem when undergoing medical procedures abroad. Make sure that your medical tourism package includes the services of an interpreter or at least the surgeon and the medical staff that will cater to your needs can speak and understand English. This way, your requests, as well as your doctor’s instructions, will not be misinterpreted nor misunderstood, and no complications with regard to any miscommunication will arise.

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